April 27, 2016Published by: Drew Benvie

New social network @Talkshow launches. It’s Twitter with a twist. Only invited users can post, anyone can watch.

A new social network slash messaging app has just launched, called Talkshow. Created by the former Twitter product VP Michael Sippey, the new app has a unique spin on the messaging app / social networking space, offering its users a safer but more easily browsable place to share content with friends and strangers alike.

Talkshow has just gone live in the iOS app store, which is where you should start if you want to try it out. Users register with their phone number, like WhatsApp and Snapchat. Then you log in with your Twitter or Facebook account and authenticate with your email. So it's quite a comprehensive setup process.

Once you're in, you browse 'Shows' which are essentially threads or chats. Only invited members can chat, but anyone can read and watch. You can also 'react' by choosing from a drop down list of reactions that are shown under a side area of a show - these include sayings like 'this is good' or 'can I co-host?' or you can just react with an emoji.

As Buzzfeed puts it, this is Twitter 'without the Randos'. Pretty much! Trolling has become a pain for all social networks. So this take on the public / private balance is an interesting one.

I'm @drewb on Talkshow so give me a follow if you want to chat.

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