November 5, 2013Published by: Charlie Gregory

Now introducing…Biebernet?

Launching later this week, Shots Of Me is a new teen-focussed social network from the makers of social mobile games under the RockLive brand. Though the launching of such social networks is never really that surprising nowadays, eyebrows were raised at one of Shots Of Me's investors: that of Justin Bieber.

In a story on Fortune's website, we see that the global superstar - with over 45 million followers on Twitter let's not forget - recently led a $1.1m seed round for the company, alongside angel investor Tom McInerney and boxer Floyd Mayweather.

That the Twitter following behind the 19-year-old singer is so vast is excellent news for RockLive; as a tradition, the company has not used any official press releases to promote its games, instead letting digital word of mouth do the talking. This we like.

So, we'll just have to wait and see whether one tweet from Bieber will make all the difference for Shots Of Me.

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