February 6, 2014Published by: Fereshta Amir

One of the first WhatsApp marketing campaigns


You may have read about the social messaging boom in our previous blog posts and we are slowly but surely seeing brands pick up on the trend in creative ways. It's not easy integrating WhatsApp into a marketing campaign, so whenever a brand does it and does it well, it catches our eye. Late last year we saw Absolut holding a party for Absolute Unique and they wanted to make it special.

The launch party was announced on their Facebook page with a notice telling wannabe attendees to convince the doorman Sven to give access to the party - through WhatsApp! This simple but effective use of WhatsApp saw high numbers of Argentinians trying to blag their way into the party in lots of creative ways, including bribery and some indecent proposals. You can watch the video here. Hats off to Absolut for thinking this up. We're looking forward to seeing more campaigns like it this year.

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