September 30, 2021Published by: Ray Basaula

5 lessons from my first internship

A good internship can be hard to come by – especially one that meets your career goals while remaining interesting and fun. I’ve been an intern at Battenhall for two months now and it’s been a transformative experience. From meeting creative, like-minded individuals to working with amazing brands, I’ve learned so much about the social media industry – and myself.

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July 29, 2021Published by: Drew Benvie

Here we are in the new normal: flexible working

For anyone that hasn't been paying attention over the last year, flexible working is the new normal. For those that can work remotely – which is mainly office workers, like me – anywhere safe with a broadband connection can be our nerve centre. We're powered by Zoom, everything is in the cloud, and there’s a broad acceptance nowadays that flexibility is good.

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