January 15, 2016Published by: Steph Bennett

Anyone for Peach?

The tasty new social network Peach, arrived on the scene just one week ago today. Created by the founder of Vine, it claims to be a fun, simple way to keep up with your friends and be yourself.

Having played with the app daily since its launch and tested out all of its features and quirks, I really think they could be on to something. But will it pick up interest and be sticky enough to join the ranks of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat? Only time and app updates will tell.
So how does it work?

Once you've claimed you're username, that is if someone hasn't beat you to it, you'll need some friends. Peach is set up a bit like Snapchat or WhatsApp, where you need to know their username or phone number to connect. Peach uses your phone number to check address books, then you can add people quickly.
Once you're in, you've got two 'timelines' - one is a feed of friends that shows you a snippet of their last post and uses the green dot to tell you if they have made an update (not that they are online), and the second is your personal timeline of content and updates. On there, you can post a series of traditional posts or status updates using Peach's 'magic words'.
Magic words? Yes, these clever little words replace action buttons to do smart things that you can add to your timeline. For instance:
'Song' acts like Shazam, to tag the name of the tune you're listening to and adds the song title to your feed.
'Draw' acts like Snapchat, and allows you to write or draw pictures with your fingers.
'Shout' acts like Over, giving you the option to put text and emojis over an image or on block colour.
Then there are some simpler, short cut magic words that save you the energy of working out how to say 'Good Morning', show where you are in the world, or tell us what the weather is like.


If images and cool media are your thing, then you might like the fact that Peach allows you to find the perfect gif to express yourself in the app. Simply type 'Gif' and scroll through your options right there. They're good too!
Then you've got one of my new favourite things, the 'quad gif' as I like to call it. When shooting an image or video with Peach, you can make your own gifs straight up or choose to make a gif with each quarter as a different gif. It's great!
Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 09.51.50
(See the live Gif on our Peach account @Battenhall)
Oh and I almost forgot, do you remember throwing sheep and poking people on Facebook? Wasn't that fun? Now it's back in the form of Boops and Cake throwing on Peach.
All of these features make Peach feel like a hybrid of all of our favourite social networks and apps in one place but without the ads, the sharing of posts and as promised, it feels a lot more fun!
Finally, if you've ever wanted to make friends with Taylor Swift or Beyoncé, now is the time. Of course, they are fake accounts as people frantically try and claim valuable user names. So, if you've not claimed yours yet, what are you waiting for? I'll see you on Peach @stephsbubble and you can add us and follow our updates @Battenhall.

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