April 6, 2016Published by: Sam Keefe

Pinterest brings ‘Promoted Pins’ to the UK

Having been introduced initially in the US last year and following very quickly in the footsteps of Twitter and more recently Instagram, Pinterest has finally launched its Promoted Pins in the UK. From today, UK brands will now be able to buy Promoted Pins making it much easier for brands to reach 'Pinners'. John Lewis, B&Q, Nestlé and Tesco are just a handful of brands that are trialling the service.

Having hit the 100 million user milestone at the end of last year, Pinterest has now become a major player in the social world. Pinterest claim over 70% of users pin something each month or click through boards to learn something more highlighting the huge potential to brands. Introducing this commercial aspect to Pinterest could well give the service a head start over Twitter and Facebook considering the average Pinterest user spent $59 when shopping online - higher than any other major social platform.

We think the potential for brands using Promoted Pins is incredibly high. As users start to create boards, whether it's for a wedding, an interior decoration project or just general interests, by doing this, they're essentially starting to formulate an idea which could ultimately lead up to a point of purchase. Promoted Pins will now hopefully increase revenue streams making them a very attractive channel for brands promoting products and services.

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