March 11, 2020Published by: Drew Benvie

Introducing Battenhall REACT: rapid response digital communications for critical times

The tragedy that is unfolding in the shape of the coronavirus outbreak is rapidly affecting all aspects of society. From those who are falling sick, to the professionals who care for them; from the pressures on public infrastructure and the brands who are part of it, to the effect on global markets; this is a global crisis that is different to anything in recent memory.

It’s clear there are many critical things that must be done right now. In my day-to-day role working with clients and taking briefs from new ones, the role of digital communication is playing its part. The scale and speed at which organisations can communicate at this time will be a pivotal area, and one that Battenhall is creating a new way of working to fulfil.

Today we are launching Battenhall REACT, a new offering in response to the need for fast and sophisticated digital and social media communications services for critical communications initiatives. This new offering is being led by specialist project teams of Battenhall consultants.

Battenhall REACT will offer services including:

  • Building and running critical, digital and social media communications channels
  • Advanced monitoring of public discussion online to understand the impact for brands
  • Product and industry strategy
  • Protecting online reputations through removal of fake news

In recent weeks the Battenhall team has been working in different ways and on a new kind of client case. Battenhall REACT is all about offering digital communications leadership at scale with innovation at its core.

Specifically, how we work here is critical too. Since launching Battenhall, we have ringfenced 20% of all our consultants’ working time for side projects. Some have used it to raise money for charitable causes, some choose to push technical boundaries through research and development, but all of the Battenhall team have this time available, and it’s used at their discretion.

So we are now ramping up our efforts and introducing the new REACT service, to help organisations that need support but perhaps don’t have the structures or budgets to recruit a specialist agency such as us. Battenhall REACT is offering organisations the opportunity to apply for bursts of support, which is taken from Battenhall team members’ 20% time. Hopefully we can make a difference at a critical time.

How brands communicate, using the most sophisticated digital techniques available, has always been our business, and we are proud to be an innovation-first team of individuals who want to make a difference.

At this time, more than ever, we want to help lead the way with what we specialise in. As COVID-19 develops, in whichever way it does, we will support our clients in delivering sophisticated, critical digital comms at speed and with meaning.

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