February 25, 2014Published by: Drew Benvie

Reddit launches new and experimental news format, Liveupdate

Reddit Liveupdate

Reddit has launched Liveupdate, new type of news reporting functionality that it has been experimenting with recently, where selected users are being given the ability by Reddit staff to work on live news feeds for reporting on news events, something not previously seen on Reddit. Because of Reddit's huge influence online, this is a big deal for journalism and the media agenda in general and is making waves online. If you want to be working with and on the media agenda now, it means working with this core team of influencers inside Reddit.

"Liveupdate is a new type of post..." says the post announcing this feature on Reddit. "The "reporters" for a stream can post updates and anyone watching gets sent those updates in real time. Unlike with self-post or comment based live updates, there's no limit to how many updates can be posted during the course of an event. Liveupdate streams exist outside of subreddits and are designed to be submitted like any other link to whatever (multiple) subreddits are relevant to the stream."

Gigaom's analysis of this feature goes further:

Reddit is beta testing a new feature that allows users to create and update live blogs about breaking news events such as the recent uprising in Ukraine or the war in Syria — a move that could be a valuable addition to the cause of “open-source journalism”.

Will false news reports and other noise be contributed to and/or spread by Reddit’s new approach to live news? Undoubtedly.

...however, the potential benefits of what Reddit brings to journalism outweigh any downside...

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