April 4, 2013Published by: Drew Benvie

SEC approves social media for investor comms: what it means for brands


This week the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US approved for the first time the use of social media as an official channel for investor communications. This precedent is an important landmark, as significant company information - info that could affect a company's stock price - has to be issued to all investors at the same time, and to date social media has not been one of the channels available to comms teams for such information.

What will now happen that brands need to know? Official social media channels that may be used need to be listed in a press release or regulatory filings. Investor communities need to tool up regards following all the necessary channels. And we will begin seeing the kind of tactics used for a long time now with tech brands, such as social media press kits that enable faster reporting, engagement and open dialogue. This will effectively usher in a new era in one of the most traditional parts of the PR world getting social.

It is worth reading up on this issue: The BBC, Telegraph and US PR Week have good updates.

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