October 3, 2016Published by: Charlie Gregory

September – appdates left, right and centre

Working at Battenhall means that we have a whole bunch of eyes on a whole bunch of social networks - an advantageous position to be in when updates and changes come in.

We’re regularly alerted to an app update from team members in our Battenhall WhatsApp group. Whether it’s getting revelling over the latest update announcement or testing out new features or apps as a team, we are definitely the earliest of adopters. In fact, if I’m honest  sometimes it feels like we know about the new update before the company making the update does.

Over the last few years we’ve noticed that September is one of the busiest - if not, the busiest - months for social network updates. Maybe this is because of a little company called Apple who announce their new phone, operating system and (often) a whole array of products in late summer...or maybe it’s just coincidence. But while we leave you to ponder that, here’s the skinny on last month’s biggest updates.

Perhaps the most engaged-with network out there, Snapchat recently announced that the company is renaming to Snap Inc., and about to launch a range of glasses called Spectacles - the company’s version of Google Glass. Will they be more successful than Google’s attempt? We’ll have to wait and see. Pun intended 😉

Following the introduction of Stories in August, Instagram brought out a number of welcome updates. You can now zoom in and out on images by pinching the screen, mute stories that you don’t want to see, and - probably the best update for those veteran users - save drafts of images to post later. However, they have now gotten rid of the photo map feature. Booo.

The micro-messaging monster gave us some brief breathing room this month, by removing videos, images and GIFs from its 140-character limit. So now we have 25 extra characters to play with - oh, the possibilities. Alongside this, they have expanded their customer service abilities for brands who use it for this - and have opened up their Moments feature to everyone. Rejoice!

Tinder’s not exactly a social network, but it is a messaging app with over 10 million daily users and a combined audience of 50 million (that have been responsible for over 10 billion matches). This month they announced that you can promote your profile with Tinder Boost by paying for it, and they’ve also teamed up with Spotify to give users a new way to judge each other, allowing them to check out each others’ most-played songs on Spotify before they swipe left or right. Music to our ears.

Remember Meerkat, the livestreaming app that was a rival for Periscope? Well, the team behind that has created a new app, Houseparty, which allows you to do group video chats with your friends. We’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds for it!

Facebook Messenger
Tired of huge back-and-forths with your group chats in Messenger? Want to help them to actually make a decision for you, quickly and easily? Step forward polls, which are now easily administered in a couple of quick clicks on the app.

Again, though iMessage isn’t technically a social network, Apple are looking to expand the uses of its in-built messaging app with the introduction of an App Store. Though the majority of apps are currently sticker packs, we’ve noticed a few little gems along the way - anyone for a game of checkers?

So, it’s been quite the month for updates across the board. So if you haven’t already, get app-dating!

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