May 12, 2015Published by: Fereshta Amir

Snapchat Our Stories returns to London

If you're an avid SnapChatter like we all are at Battenhall London, you will have noticed that for a while now, the photo sharing platform has been running 'Our Stories', which sees people from around the world showing what life is like where they live. So far we've seen the likes of NYC Life, LA Life, London Life, Dubai Life, Toronto Life, Singapore Life and more. Today, the Our London Story is running, meaning people in London can add snaps to the live story, with the hope of getting global fame, and users can take part right now.

Snapchat's Our Stories started in February and it has been reported that the Stories are generating tens of millions of views. Only last month, the company stopped selling Brand Story ads that let advertisers pay to promote a standalone piece of branded content within the mobile app. It is reported that this wasn’t from a lack of interest — advertisers were still eager to pay Snapchat for the ads. Instead, it appears that the company is going back to the drawing board and may change how the ads look.

The whole appeal of SnapChat lies in its raw, unedited photos and videos which makes users feel like they have access to a person's photo gallery. As Business Insider puts it, Snapchat is built for digital natives; not for the mobile first but the mobile only generation.

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