January 10, 2018Published by: Drew Benvie

Swipe left to like me on… Ripple. Move over LinkedIn

The world of professional social networking hasn't changed that much in the last 10 years. LinkedIn for contacts and companies, Twitter for chat and content, then blogs and forums for niches. Whereas the social media sphere as a whole has constantly evolved, we've seen relatively few newcomers to try to topple LinkedIn in the business space.

So, enter Ripple, backed by the group that owns Tinder, and founded by some of the dating app's former people, it looks set to modernise how we connect and communicate with professionals. "We did dating. Time for work," says Ripple's homepage.

With a familiar swiping action and the focus on the person's photo (something LinkedIn has always shrunken down so small you wonder if you're connecting with the right John Smith sometimes), Ripple feels more like a messaging app than LinkedIn as you set up and start using your account. It's linked to your phone number, then your personal profile first and foremost. Only later does your CV come into it, something LinkedIn started with.

This new addition to the social media landscape looks set to make waves, and at the very least, we hope, usher in a bit of innovation into an ageing part of the social media landscape.

Oh, and you can add me on Ripple by syncing your address book. No usernames or open name search just yet on there. Download it by searching for Ripple Professional Network in the iOS or Android stores.

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