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January 14, 2014Published by: Drew Benvie

What brands need to know about Google’s $3bn acquisition of Nest


Google has snapped up one of the hot names in digital right now, a physical products company that allows consumers to control appliances in their home through apps and online dashboards. Nest Labs, the maker of the smart thermostat and the smart smoke alarm believe that they are on a mission to put The Internet of Things to good use - to make the world a safer, greener place. So why should brands stand up and take note?

Firstly thing about Google's business model: advertising and consumer data. What Google will know and potentially give brands access to in the future is a new world of consumer data that reaches into the home. Nest's two current products are essentially internet-enabled room movement sensors, but who knows what's next on the production line. Belkin's smart switches, Phillips' smart light bulbs and the bevvy of connected cars we saw at CES last week will give you an idea as to what a world filled with smart objects might look like.

It would be an idea, if you don't already, to invest some time and money looking at how to get the most out of Internet of Things devices now, and jump on this wave before it becomes an overwhelming tsunami of digital innovation. Nest's products are available now and retail at £109 for the Smoke Alarm and $249 for the Smart Thermostat (UK launch imminent).