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October 18, 2018Published by: Robert Haslam

AR gets a reality check

Apple’s September hardware event saw more augmented reality products and features come to the fore. Yet despite the world’s richest company making a big push towards AR, why has the technology and format failed to fully take off?

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January 22, 2018Published by: Rebecca Gill-Clarke

Brits can now join in on the fun of quiz show app HQ Trivia

Set your calendar alerts people - it’s finally here! The massively popular iOS (and now Android!) quiz show game HQ Trivia is now available in the UK. For those in the dark, HQ Trivia has really taken off across the pond, hooking in over 15,000 participants per game. Twice a day during the week and once a day on the weekend, a live game show takes place on your phone with the chance to win a share of a cash prize by correctly answering a set of trivia questions. Brits in the know have been tuning in at unsociable hours for a chance to compete in the North American version of the game, but the new UK version promises to air at 3 pm and 9 pm GMT.

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December 15, 2014Published by: Anton Perreau

Just how super is SUPER?


This month, a new social network called 'SUPER' launched, created by Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, Inc and also helped to create and launch Xanga, Odeo, The Obvious Corporation and Medium. In 2013, Biz Stone launched Jelly - a visual app that focused on users asking and answering questions. Whilst the app received quite a bit of initial hype, it never really took off.

SUPER's feed is much like any other social network - comparable to secret, but without the anonymity. Users add content or updates into the feed by answering the question of 'WHAT'S UP?' - proceeded by text options like 'the best', 'crazy', 'I'm thinking' and 'OMFG'. Users sign the update as they'd like to and then add a background picture. No surprises that you can edit the text style and filters on the photo.

Screenshot_2014-12-15-10-47-09 Screenshot_2014-12-15-10-46-34 Screenshot_2014-12-15-10-45-34











When launching the app, a user can find nearby friends, or those from Facebook, Twitter and their phone book. Other users can comment with similar style content, or even just 'heart' your content, which results in an animated flurry of red hearts.

For even more artistic license, it's possible to create as many different profile pages as you want - with different images and shades to match.

Fun and colourful, the app is clearly meant to be a mix of other social network - and whilst for some (including our own Creative Manager) its a colourful headache, for others it might prove to be the next best thing. Super is available to download for iOS and Android now.


June 25, 2014Published by: Drew Benvie

How Firechat is rolling out off the grid messaging across mobile platforms


Messaging is the new social networking. And Firechat is the new innovation on the block, having recently launched with a way of connecting mobile users 'off the grid' - ie without using either cellular or internet connection.

Firechat allows users to anonymously chat with each other using Apple's 'off the grid mesh network'. It has seen a surge in users, as reported in the press this week in countries such as Iraq. We wrote about it when it launched, but last night a new development has been announced that will push the social messaging / forum app to a new level of user adoption.

TechCrunch reports on the news out last night:

With today’s update to Firechat that’s changing. Android and iOS users can now chat on the same off-the-grid mesh network. This will make Firechat, which has seen some pretty nice growth since its launch, significantly more interesting.

We can see opportunities for consumer brands, media organisations and niche communities alike. Firechat is one to watch and to test out for sure.

February 10, 2014Published by: Fereshta Amir

R.I.P. Flappy Bird: creator removes the game

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 13.01.42

On Friday, we blogged about Flappy Bird's rise to popularity and as of the weekend Flappy Bird is no more. Creator Dong Nguyen took the game offline yesterday, as he just couldn't take it anymore. The game which had the world hooked lets users tap continually on the screen to keep a bird from flapping into a series of obstacles and due to overwhelming downloads, made the Vietnamese inventor $50,000 (£30,467) a day from the adverts that appeared on the game.

We checked last night and the app is removed from both the Google Play store and Apple's App Store, so those who had already downloaded the app will still have access to it. For the ultimate addicts of the game, there are now smartphones with the game installed on them being sold on Ebay for hundreds of pounds.

It sure is interesting to see a solo bedroom developer race past thousands of huge businesses who spend big budgets on building a hit game like Flappy Bird. Dong Nguyen tweeted this morning that he still makes games, so it will be interesting to see what's next...

February 7, 2014Published by: Drew Benvie

Mobile game apps continue to show dominance with Flappy Bird’s popularity

It seems the Angry Birds might have another reason to be riled - as another bird seems to be the top fowl in the mobile gaming roost.

Flappy Birds, the increasingly popular app on Android and iOS, has become one of the most downloaded apps this year in America and China. Despite being released in May 2013, the gaming app, which involves using a touchscreen to navigate a bird through frustratingly difficult obstacles, experienced a huge surge in popularity in the New Year. According to an interview with the game's creator Dong Nguyen, the app now earns an average of $50,000 a day from in-game ads. 

The huge popularity of simply designed mobile app games such as Flappy Birds is further evidence of the growing dominance of apps on iOS and Android versus declining interest in traditional hand-held consoles like Sony's PSP and Nintendo's DS. According to data intelligence group App Annie, in 2013 both the Apple store and Google Play surpassed handheld consoles in sales.

Despite the greater processing power and flashier graphics on handheld consoles, it seems casual gamers would rather spend their mobile gaming time being frustrated by cartoon birds and colourful candy on their smartphones.

July 25, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

The seven types of Snapchat user

Snapchat has made a careful mark on all our mobile devices, the service. As of June 2013 18.9% of iPhone users in the USA were using SnapChat regularly. By now you're probably on one of two sides, the sending or receiving end. To distinguish some of the more common traits of an avid SnapChat user, the Battenhall team has defined seven stereotypes of the SnapChat world.

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