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August 22, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

#SMWWhatsNext: New venue + more seats

The Royal Institution of Great Britain

By now, some of you may know of our Social Media Week London event on September 23rd. We've been bowled over by the interest in coming along to our event. We offered out 400 tickets and they all went within the first few days. Our original venue; the Battenhall offices, just weren't big enough, so we've been hunting down the perfect venue.

Today we're excited to announce that our event will be held at The Royal Institution of Great Britain in Mayfair, also know as The RI. In the past, Bill Gates, Brian Cox, Stephen Hawking and Bill Clinton have tread the boards of the Faraday Theatre, now it’s time for our founder, Drew Benvie to do the same.

In September, we'll be sharing insights for guests who are communications professionals, both in-house and agency side, and are wanting to learn more about future social media trends for brand communications. Guests will also learn where to consider putting resources for brand social media campaigns for the year ahead.

With the announcement of this new venue, we now also have the opportunity to open up even more seats. Should you wish to attend this event, please click on the link below.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 11.50.20


Update: For the event, we will be stocked up with drinks from our client Jimmy's Iced Coffee, and we will have a supply of freshly-baked Cronuts. The event is now sold out. If you want to tune in online, it will be broadcast on a Google Hangout, which will be tweeted from @battenhall on the morning of 23rd September.