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March 25, 2014Published by: Steph Bennett

Register to be part of the #BattenVEDA Community

BattenVEDA What is VEDA?

VEDA is a YouTube Challenge taken up by vloggers around the world to Vlog Every Day in April.

This year we're inviting you to take part in VEDA and become part of the #BattenVEDA community. It doesn't matter whether you're a YouTubing Pro with millions of followers, a blogger who's looking for their next big challenge or someone who's never dared to talk to camera before.

We'll be here to guide you with regular vlogging tips and tricks via the Battenhall blog as well as providing you with a network of incredible people who've all decided to get involved too. We're all in it together and connected via the hashtag #BattenVEDA. We've even put together an entire calendar of topics for you to talk about every day to help keep you focused and plan your vlogs. Of course you're welcome to freestyle too!

Are you up for the #BattenVEDA challenge?

Yeah? Okay! Let's get you registered, connected and ready to vlog! Simply complete this little form to let us know you'll be taking part so that we can follow your progress on YouTube and Twitter.

The entire #BattenVEDA community will appear in this lovely spreadsheet below. Go forth and connect with everyone on Twitter and subscribe to each others YouTube channels. You'll find this is a great way to get ideas and tips and also a great way to share and receive positive feedback to keep you motivated throughout the month. This is also an awesome list for all the non-vloggers out there to follow if you're just interested in seeing how it works!

Here you'll find the beloved #BattenVEDA calendar complete with your carefully selected daily vlogging topics. We hope you'll be inspired and have a lot of fun taking part in the whole VEDA experience.

Finally, always remember to use the #BattenVEDA hashtag when you share your vlogs on social media. We can't wait to connect and start watching your vlogs! See you all on April 1st!