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July 23, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

Royalist or Republican? Choose your news on The Guardian

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Over the last couple of days we've been heavily bombarded with news of the Royal babyBattenhall tracked online conversation surrounding the coverage - it seemed the resounding word being used by people on twitter was 'PUSH!' (I think she got the message.)

Whilst some have flocked to St. Mary's Hospital, camping out clad in red, white and blue, others have taken to the social-sphere to complain about the intrusiveness of constant updates. It almost seems better to just stay offline if you want to avoid any news about the Royal baby.

However, The Guardian today have taken their own spin on what you want to read - adding a small button to the top right of their home page where users can select 'Republican' or 'Royalist' either hiding or showing the Royal Baby news respectively. A hat-tip to users who are tired of Royal baby news, but also an understanding that it's news, and very important news at that.

Head to The Guardian homepage yourself to check it out and choose your team.