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March 8, 2016Published by: Drew Benvie

Happy 3rd Birthday Battenhall

Today our business turns three years old! Today we're a big, busy, bustling business full of creative minds, innovators and award winners, but three years ago today, Battenhall launched in a big empty office in East London, with only a tiny bit of client work to get us started, and only one person (me!). However we had big plans - to become the next great agency. Here is what I wrote about our founding mission back then. It was a scary and exciting time. But there was a gap in the market for a digital innovation-led communications agency, and the rest is history.

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February 25, 2014Published by: Drew Benvie

Calling all causes: Battenhall’s birthday present is back to you


Since launching Battenhall we have been trying to disrupt the traditional agency model, a little bit at a time. We are about to turn one year old, and to celebrate, we want to give something back.

As part of the way we work here, we spend 20% of our time on non-client causes. Anything goes, from R&D on new services, to pro bono client work and PR and social media help for charities. We are fortunate enough to count some charities as clients, too, including WaterAid and the International Aids / HIV Alliance. It's fair to say that making a difference makes us tick.

For our first birthday, which is on 8th March, we will be pooling our resources and putting a month of our time to one big, fat good cause.

This is where you come in. If you have something coming up that you need our help with, we would like you to let us know. If could be something tiny and you would just like a bit of advice. Or maybe it's an upcoming mega-campaign, and you need a team mobilised to help out. Perhaps you just want to pop in and say hello and bend someone's ear. Well, we're all ears.

This is a call for good causes, charities, campaigns, whatever you term yourself, to get in touch. Email us on and we'll come back to you with next steps. Let us know what kind of help it is you need and we'll do the rest.

We'll spend the next two weeks waiting for you to get in touch, then on 10th March we'll update this post with what we'll be doing.

Thanks for reading this far and we look forward to hearing from you!

May 28, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

WordPress turns 10

Wordpress 10th anniversary

Ten years ago Matt Mullenweg started a platform that has become the inspiration to create a writer out of everyone. As TechCrunch explains, 'writing is one of the hardest things to do', but WordPress has made sure that publishing and sharing our thoughts shouldn't be difficult whatsoever.

As the world has transitioned from print-on-paper, in books bound-with-string, WordPress has encouraged young and old to become writers - writing is an essential part of learning, development and creative thinking throughout our lives. Alongside the obvious benefits of writing itself, the WordPress software has become an integral part of those who can create a career from consulting, designing or implementing open source solutions.

WordPress has always been an open source platform, and though Mullenweg didn't know what this meant when WordPress was first developed - it has become the essential feature making WordPress the powerful platform it is today. Today the world of WordPress allows us to build even the most complexed of websites; from e-commerce, to blogging right through to news websites. Notable WordPress sites include The New York Times, CNN, Mashable, AllThingsD, TechCrunch and eBay to name but-a-few - you can see the full list here. It's no surprise that Wordpress has become a platform of choice for so many writers and developers.

Over the last few days, 10th birthday parties for WordPress have been happening across the globe, collected and shared through a #WP10 site. At many of these parties I'm sure the focus will be on all the good things that WordPress has done in the last 10 years. What's even more exciting is what WordPress might do with the next 10 years - Happy Birthday WordPress!