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June 4, 2014Published by: Drew Benvie

How your digital health and digital home are about to go Apple-mainstream

Courtesy of The Guardian

Apple has announced that it will release two new major additions to its iOS software this autumn. Called HealthKit and HomeKit, they will arrive with iOS in September 2014 and will herald a new era of mainstream Digital Health and Digital Home / Internet of things control.

I have been a follower of the quantified self movement for longer than I can measure. I only bought my first digital health gadgets two or three years ago, and my fascination and experimentation with Internet of things services such as is verging on the fanatical. As anyone that works with me will testify, I think that the fusion of social media and digital on our health and on the world around us is a huge shift that we are experiencing right now.

What Apple have announced is a set of new features to their iOS software. HealthKit will be your window into quantifying your digital self, from bio signals to sleep quality and energy used. Similar to the advanced gadgets and apps that are already on the market, but think Apple-mainstream. Then similar for HomeKit - imagine pretty much any electrical device in the world around you being controlled the way you can now control your music.

If you have not began experimenting with what this all means you're online off-line experience, now is the time to start. The digital world is about to get a whole lot bigger.