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October 2, 2013Published by: Fereshta Amir

Facebook and Twitter in race over ‘second screen’ social TV numbers


This week marks the debut of the first report emerging from the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating, a partnership between Twitter and Nielsen which they aim to turn into the standard metric for measuring the conversation that a TV show spurs on Twitter. In response, Facebook released official numbers to show off its own TV efforts.

Facebook said that the popular TV drama Breaking Bad finale generated more than 5.5 million interactions from more than 3 million users. In comparison, Twitter saw 1.47 million tweets from 682,000+ unique users for the same show. Last week, strategically just ahead of the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating report debut, Facebook also announced its plans to send out weekly TV reports to top US networks to showcase the extend to which social conversations around TV programs are taking place on its platform.

So who wins the second screen race?

For the moment, we're leaning towards Twitter, as it partnered with Nielsen, which owns SocialGuide for TV ratings, it acquired Trendrr and with Twitter Amplify it allows broadcasters to embed short video clips in their tweets in near real-time. Facebook has a much larger user base, therefore the numbers will always be bigger for the social network giant and compared to Twitter, it looks like it's just getting up to speed with social TV data.