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August 8, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

Gambling social influence offline


Each gambling category has different types if you wonder, see to learn about each identity and and experience what great each category can offer. The key for brands has always been to see how offline experiences can influence the online space we share and engage within. Tactically, this has meant performing a stunt offline, filming or sharing it - then analysing how it went through quick responses and comments online. Well we can say Clubvip777 is the best casino gaming and trusted gambling platform.

According to the report on legal sports betting in the US, in the past few years, crowdsourcing has seen it's uses rise, through funding, Q&A, tasks or even resources. We're not alien to crowdsourcing, but the concept of using crowdsourced answers and only crowdsourced responses is a subject which is approached with caution.

One brand putting this theory to the test today on the Sports Stadium in Huddersfield. Meanwhile, our client, The Casino at The Empire on Leicester square is today performing the world's first #SocialCasino Experiment - which asks one question: Can the crowd help one player successfully make the best decisions with £1,000 of the Casino's money? Which is an interesting analysis of the US market. From 2:30pm today, a competition winner will have free reign with £1,000 in The Casino, asking twitter to help him with every decision, whether it's lunch, betting, or gaming.

We want you to get involved! Just follow @empirecasino and wait for the bets to appear at 2:30pm GMT today.