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July 8, 2014Published by: Steph Bennett

Register for #BattenVEDA | Vlog Every Day in August


Earlier this year we started #BattenVEDA - a community for vloggers who were taking part in the global YouTube event called VEDA, where participants Vlog Every Day in April or August.

Connecting experienced and new vloggers through a calendar of daily prompts and weekly Twitter chats, we built a network of people around the world that shared a love of vlogging. We also posted vlogging tips and tricks on the Battenhall blog

Now we're back for round two and ready to welcome you all to take part or simply sit back and enjoy the videos of those who will take on the #BattenVEDA challenge.

Register to be part of #BattenVEDA

Registration is completely free of charge and simply allows participants and viewers of #BattenVEDA to find you, connect and subscribe to your channel easily.

The #BattenVEDA Community

You can find everyone who has registered to take part in #BattenVEDA right here, so make time to say 'Hi' and introduce yourself - you'll find that throughout the month of August you'll be spending a lot of time getting to know each other. For those not participating but keen to watch, you can simply use this as your alternative TV guide for the month.

#BattenVEDA Calendar of Topics

Our aim here at Battenhall is to keep you motivated and inspired and each day you'll find a prompt on the #BattenVEDA calendar. Feel free to freestyle however, if you have something else you'd like to talk about too. This is your VEDA experience so you can vlog about whatever you like!

You'll also find our Twitter chats in the calendar which take place every Monday evening at 8pm GMT+1 using the hashtag #BattenChat. Plus, we're also planning some Google Hangouts and other spontaneous activities that may pop up from time to time to make this #BattenVEDA extra special.

Finally, always remember to use the #BattenVEDA hashtag when you share your vlogs on social media and if you have any questions at all please feel free to tweet me @StephsBubble or email me at

We can't wait to connect with you and start watching your vlogs! See you all on August 1st!

June 24, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

Nurturing innovation


Wouldn't it be cool if we could easily find all the necessary mind power, tools and capital to innovate constantly. It's surprising, but most of the activities we undertake every day are out-dated and inefficient.

In disrupting the traditional agency model, we're constantly searching for new ways to work, collaborate and perform essential job functions in the PR and social space. Turbulence and change generally create opportunities for success. In searching to fill in the gaps, it's become clear that the ability to create and innovate is often hindered by the need to question how useful or possible your idea is.

We are privileged enough to live in a society where individuals (aka. entrepreneurs) are gifted with the opportunity to change something, unfortunately creativity is educated out of us. One of my favorite TED talks was by award winning educationalist, Sir Ken Robinson, explaining that schools kill creativity. His contention? That as we grow older and are educated more, we are taught to repress creativity - essentially educating us to become boring. Robinson questions whether limiting the amount of creativity in the international curriculum actually helps anyone.

At Battenhall, 20% of our time is devoted to innovating the way we work, and whilst that sounds easy, we've had to free up our minds a little to make it happen. What we noticed is that coming up with a problem that needs a solution is as important as coming up with an innovation that needs applying to our world. One can trigger the other, but both need a bit of a eureka moment and are very different processes. So we have built an app which we use internally to capture those moments, and through it we log progress on our innovations, which we then present back to the team as and when we feel ready. Simple!
We'll keep you updated with the things we're doing, and if you have any of your own ideas, get in touch. Let us know if you think this is any good as an approach or if it could be improved.
Changing the way we perceive what is 'possible' starts with an idea the size of a mustard seed - who knew that mustard seed could be such a powerful ingredient.