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May 21, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

Is a bigger, more beautiful Flickr better?

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 15.08.34

Yahoo! has started putting the Flickr name back on the map since the relaunched iOS app in December 2012, which included photo filters, endless scrolling and increased sharing functionality amongst other updates. According to Marissa Mayer the update "generated 25% more photos uploaded, views and shared on a daily basis".

Whilst the iOS app received this attention, it was about time Yahoo! gave some TLC, which is certainly what it's received with the new update. Alongside a refresh of the overall UI, overall sharing functionality and Android app, Flickr now boasts 1TB of photo storage for users. Good news? Not so fast, user response to the update has been overwhelmingly negative, according to TechRadar,

Users are complaining about basic usability, unwanted infinite scrolling, slow loading, the removal of titles (they only appear on mouseover now), problems finding stuff, the ability for someone else's glamour shots to dominate your front page, the complete impossibility of clicking links in the front page footer... you get the idea.

Heavy complaints following a UI update aren't alien in the digital frontier, but with significant changes to Flickr Pro accounts, Yahoo! risks losing users to competitors like 500px.

There's been increasing speculation over what role Flickr has to play with the acquisition of Tumblr in the last couple of days. Before anything official is announced, Yahoo! will have to work hard retaining loyal users who probably feel backstabbed by the new pricing structure. For now, the new Flickr update looks good, and with storage for 537,731 photos even the most amateur photographer can't go wrong.