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June 27, 2017Published by: Sarah Boulton

War of the words: Is journalism really under threat by robots?

Every week there seems to be another headline about how robots are going to steal our jobs. AI is infiltrating most industries and the communications sector is no exception.

At the beginning of the year an artificially intelligent robot in China wrote an entire article in just one second. The Daily Express picked up the news and ran with the headline: “RISE OF THE MACHINE: Journalists under threat” – but, is this really the case?

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June 23, 2015Published by: Anton Perreau

Quartz launches Atlas: The new home for charts and data

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 14.42.09

As data has become a leading back-bone for great articles, the platforms those articles are written on have had to become savvier about how that data is displayed and shared. Design hazardous screenshots don't quite suffice to the real thing, often a deeper dive into the chart is needed and Quartz have made a direct response to this need by launching their new visual companion. Today Quartz has launched Atlas, a new platform for discovering and sharing great charts. You can find it at

Quartz Chartbuilder

Alongside this launch, Quartz will be open-sourcing their highly popular Chartbuilder with a slew of new features. All of this with the hopes of bringing forward more contributions from developers.

To start, all of the charts are made by Quartz staff and select contributors. In time, as they build out the platform, Quartz are hoping to let anyone make charts in Atlas. If you’re interested in getting involved in any way, send an email at