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January 13, 2015Published by: Drew Benvie

WhatsApp hits 700m users and 50bn messages daily overtaking text messaging

Messaging app WhatsApp's founder Jan Koum has announced that the service has reached a new high of 700 million users, who are now sending 50 billion messages daily, which is higher than global SMS market.

With WhatsApp-ing now bigger than texting, all eyes are on how the messaging app space will evolve this year, and also how WhatsApp will integrate with Facebook, its owner, now that it is such a formidable force in its own right.

In this graph, published by Business Insider, WhatsApp's meteoric growth can clearly be seen.

whatsapp-monthly-active-usersIn a recent media interview, WhatsApp's founder said he is aiming for one billion users - now that would be almost the size of Facebook, its parent. Brands should be watching developments here closely, along with the developments across the entire messaging apps space.

April 25, 2014Published by: Drew Benvie

A week of milestones: Facebook hits 1bn mobile users, WhatsApp reaches 500m and LinkedIn 300m

LinkedIn 300 million

This week many of the social networks published updates user numbers which are worth taking note of.

Perhaps the most interesting is Facebook, which announced stellar financial results this week breaking all expectations and growing in size and usage, in particular on mobile. The social network now boasts 1bn active users just on mobiles. This dwarfs all other social networks and shows that there is a lot of growth left in the old dog yet.

Elsewhere, LinkedIn announced that it has reached 300m users, one third of them being in the US. Also WhatsApp announced that it has hit 500m active users, that's 100 million more than four months ago. Quite staggering. Remember WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, as is Instagram, which also has 200m users.

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April 17, 2014Published by: Anton Perreau

Facebook’s brave new venture into unbranded apps

Facebook Paper

Throughout it's development, much of Mark Zuckerberg's focus for Facebook has been to bring people inside the Facebook iOS and Android Apps, onto the platform and through the channels that are Facebook branded. However, now this strategy has changed - a new direction to "unbundle the big blue app" has been set instead to build lots of apps.

These new apps, developed by Creative Labs - may sometimes not even require Facebook logins to use. Battenhall has been one of the few users on the Facebook Paper app since it launched in January. Obviously, it's not big news that Facebook will be developing new stand-alone apps - in 2011 it released Messenger, without any Facebook branding. As explained in The New York Times - users prefer single-purpose apps, they work faster and they're more in tune with the use cases for mobile devices.

Whilst it hasn't been overly popular, the user experience on Paper is incredible - it's unlike the Facebook app as developers were given free reign to try new things. The idea here is that more apps in the future can be developed with new rules in mind. This new strategy comes with obvious risks - but when a platform has a massive user base, it can become difficult to innovate.

The idea behind all of this is that through creating new experiences in apps like Paper and Messenger, Facebook can be everywhere, unbranded - you might not know it but some of the future apps you'll be using might have Facebook written all over them.

To read more on Facebook's new Creative Labs strategy, head to The New York Times.

March 12, 2014Published by: Drew Benvie

LinkedIn hits 15 million members in the UK

LinkedIn user growth in the UK - Battenhall

LinkedIn has announced hitting a major milestone this morning - the 15 million active user mark in the UK. The professionals' social network of choice announced it with a blog post containing an infographic that breaks down the site's UK user demographics. London is by far the biggest city, 10x bigger than any other, and as the above graph shows, the growth of LinkedIn has been steady, not stratospheric.

In comparison, Twitter's last UK user numbers update was also 15 million (as of Sep 2013) and Facebook 24 million (Aug 2013).

For more on LinkedIn's users, their full infographic is below, and more info is on their blog post.

LinkedIn announces 15 million UK users - Battenhall