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June 19, 2013Published by: Drew Benvie

The new executive must-have: the social media scribe

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is the famous wine blogger turned social media agency boss who has built a 250-strong team at his brand Vayner Media in just four years. His latest move, as covered in Forbes last month, is a focus on demonstrating first hand how important it is to extract and publish first person opinion from company spokespeople on to social media y "tripling down on content".

The opening segment of the Forbes article is worth reading:

Gary Vaynerchuk [...] is relaunching his blog today. Why? “The more content I can put out, the more luck I have,” he says. He’s redeployed an employee at VaynerMedia, his social media consultancy, to “shadow my life” by following him at conferences and key local events to record his remarks and turn them into social media content. “I’ve built the infrastructure around me to become a greater content provider,” he says. “I have someone calling me at the end of the day – there’s now someone in my life pestering me for content.”

What’s more, Vaynerchuk believes it’s only a matter of time before this arrangement becomes common. “Content is the cost of entry to relevance in today’s society,” he says. “The top 1-5% [of executives and social media personalities] in the next few years will have full-time content people around them. There are going to be 500 to 5000 people at this time next year who employ a full-time content person.”

This is a marked trend on this side of the Atlantic too. Content is key, content is king. And social media content is relentless and doesn't normally suit the busy schedule of the company exec or top spokesperson. An article every now and then is usually manageable, but not enough - to be tweeting, blogging and figuring out let alone creating content for Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn and everything else is far too much for the typical brand spokesperson.

For those who follow early adopter trends in web marketing, this concept of an executive assistant for content, or a social media scribe, is clearly a sensible move, and we agree with Vaynerchuk that the value it creates just builds. What will be key over the coming months and years will be to see who takes first mover advantage on the exec social media content stakes.

Image courtesy of Inc.