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January 27, 2014Published by: Charlie Gregory

The Billion Dollar Club

Screenshot 2014-01-27 12.20.29

Above are the Top 5 companies on the Wall Street Journal's Billion-Dollar Club, published as of January 2014.

Both the Journal itself and Dow Jones Venture Source are tracking companies that are valued at $1bn or more by venture-capital firms. If you head to the website, you can interact with the graph of over 30 companies, looking at what each does, when it was founded, and where it is based in a profile breakdown. Some high profile names are in there - Dropbox, Spotify and Pinterest, to name a few - whilst one of the youngest on the list is SnapChat, valued at $2bn.

Only three of these companies are European; which shows us that the money is largely invested in the East and the US. And over a third having been founded in the last five years, it'll be interesting to see where technology will take us - and investors' money - over the next five.

May 30, 2013Published by: Anton Perreau

Who dares challenge LinkedIn? Dow Jones does

Rupert Murdoch

In recent years LinkedIn has held its position as the social network for 'like minded business people' connecting together, introductions and proliferation of thought leadership or business news sharing. Alongside this, LinkedIn has been one of the primary places to find and post jobs, join discussions, become a mentor and endorse contacts.

LinkedIn's 225 million members revolve around the 'relationships matter' slogan, LinkedIn topped a revenue of $972 million (£641m) last year. Who would dare to compete with such a giant?

According to The Times of London, News Corp is set to launch it's contender to LinkedIn in the next few months, following an announcement last night. The platform will be built around the same ethos of 'like minded people'. Alongside this platform News Corp will launch an instant messaging platform for financial clients, to challenge some of Bloomberg's existing products.