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January 31, 2022Published by: Charlea Glanville

One big global team: Total Flexible Working at Battenhall

As the pandemic started to ripple through society in March 2020, reshaping how and where we work, many of our UK team members suddenly found themselves separated from their families overseas – with little to no sense of when they’d be reunited again. As travel restrictions eased and tightened in ebbs and flows, flexible working for some meant seizing any opportunity to fly home and work from another country for an extended period of time. 

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July 29, 2021Published by: Drew Benvie

Here we are in the new normal: flexible working

For anyone that hasn't been paying attention over the last year, flexible working is the new normal. For those that can work remotely – which is mainly office workers, like me – anywhere safe with a broadband connection can be our nerve centre. We're powered by Zoom, everything is in the cloud, and there’s a broad acceptance nowadays that flexibility is good.

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November 20, 2015Published by: Drew Benvie

The future of the workplace

This is a guest post by Elisa Rainford, who has been working at Battenhall this month whilst studying for a BA in business management and marketing. It's the latest in a series of guest posts from new Battenhall team members on topics that interest them from their lives outside of the agency.

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