January 6, 2015Published by: Drew Benvie

The Financial Times looks at how brands are riding the social influencer wave

Michael Platco

Social talent is one of the hot areas in brand marketing right now. The Financial Times has just published an in-depth feature article exploring this topic, which looks at how brands are increasingly working with this new kind of global influencer. As brands are increasingly moving beyond the tried and tested celebrity endorsement for products and services, social media influencers are proving to be a powerful asset to the digitally-minded modern brand.

The FT article is well worth a read, as US-based writers Hannah Kuchler from San Francisco and Shannon Bond from New York look in depth at how US advertising agencies, brands, social media agencies and PR firms are working with social media influencers across SnapChat, Vine, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, such as Michael Platco, the popular SnapChatter (pictured above) and vlogger and Viner, with 6.1m followers, Brent Rivera.

As the FT explains:

Large companies from Best Buy to Bravo, Fidelity to Fox and United Airlines to Universal have all used influencers on social media, while entire advertising agencies have been sprung up to cater for the demand and PR companies such as Ogilvy and Weber Shandwick are adding new units to handle influencer marketing.

As regular readers of Battenhall's blog know, in the UK, this is our business area too, and having been in the game nearly two years, we can confirm it is indeed a vibrant and growing sector. These are exciting times indeed.

Photo credit: Michael Platco, the influential SnapChatter

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