March 7, 2013Published by: Drew Benvie

The future agency model

We think at Battenhall that the traditional communications agency model is ripe for disruption. The social media economy has fused mainstream, traditional, digital and social media in a way that agencies and brands are simply not set-up to be able to cope with, let alone excel in.

What does the agency of the future look like? (like Battenhall, we like to think.) ClickZ Asia's recent essay on this topic is worth a read, as its author, BBDO's Vincent Teo, explores the role of labs style innovation in the future all-star agency.

We are fans of innovation, here at Battenhall. Our approach is simple: we keep 20% of working time for testing, experimenting and innovation. We invest in technology to make it happen and in people that are inquisitive and want to create new ways of running campaigns for our clients.

Titled 'The Digital Agency of the Future', Teo's article looks at how agencies try to do digital in their different ways, how agencies need to act more like startups and how brands do it in similar ways. To us, acting like a startup is spot on and definitely a key ingredient in keeping innovation fresh and, we hope, industry-leading.

Vincent’s a smart guy and worth a follow.

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