November 20, 2015Published by: Drew Benvie

The future of the workplace

This is a guest post by Elisa Rainford, who has been working at Battenhall this month whilst studying for a BA in business management and marketing. It's the latest in a series of guest posts from new Battenhall team members on topics that interest them from their lives outside of the agency.

Over the past decade, technology has come on in leaps and bounds. These developments have given those who don’t want to work a traditional 9-to-5 job, the freedom to work wherever they want to. This means that those wanting to travel the world, can. And without being limited to bar work or tying yourself to one city if you want to build your career. You can work from any corner of the world and this is a very exciting prospect. American Express, Microsoft and Xerox are all examples of companies that encourage this form of working, allowing flexible work arrangements to develop their employees’ creativity.

There are hundreds of jobs and businesses that can be run simply from your laptop. Many jobs can be performed / undertaken productively from anywhere and sometimes the element of traveling is inspiration in itself. Being an entrepreneur is all about thinking outside the box and what better way to unlock creativity than to be surrounded by a different scenery every day. Anybody from YouTubers to web designers, or innovative entrepreneurs can fit this lifestyle. It allows workers to be as creative as possible and avoiding that Monday morning feeling in the process.

This new way of working is changing the whole view on ‘day jobs’. Many people work just to be able to afford to live, but this advancement in working restrictions allows people to do the things they love while earning money at the same time.

For many people the reason they potentially haven’t traveled is the fact that naturally people want to develop their career and grow their success. Technological advancements mean that elements such as communication with clients is now so much easier with the ability to reach anyone on the planet via the touch of a button. Social media provides businesses with multiple channels of communication, allowing one-to-one contact with their customers. For some people the opportunity to travel doesn't appeal to them, but with the option now accessible for those that do, they are no longer restricting their professional success by traveling the world.

Ctrip, a Chinese travel company, completed a review of their staff working flexible hours and locations and their in office workers. They discovered that their staff made 13.4% more calls a day working from a location of their choice compared to in office staff and saved around $1,900 (£1,248.89) per employee by reducing their office space and not needed to purchase furniture and equipment. Productivity increased by a third with drastic reduction in sick days. How counter intuitive it is to see the addition of an outdoor recliner section for employees to relax in, actually causes increases in productivity? Millennials are truly changing the world.

Technology is disrupting working behaviours where employees and businesses benefit from diversity and global access. Many millennials are demanding flexible working arrangements and employers are seeing the benefits in productivity and motivation. It doesn’t have to be rush hour traffic and monday blues if you don’t want it to be - technology has unlocked our flexible working freedom.

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