September 18, 2014Published by: Janey Spratt

The UK YouTubers power list

ZoellaThere’s a new breed of digital content producers on YouTube who have amassed fan bases bigger than some of the top celebrities and public figures on social media. Zoella has more YouTube subscribers than Demi Lovato, more Twitter followers than David Cameron and more likes than Innocent on Facebook.

Top YouTubers have become a new brand of celebrity for young people and they’re changing the shape of youth entertainment. Teenagers now watch as much, if not more, YouTube than TV. Perhaps these YouTubers have such large fan bases as, unlike celebrities, young people can relate to what they do and they’re seen as being more ‘normal’ than celebrities who’ve earned their fame through music, film or television.

We’re noticing more and more brands collaborating with these YouTubers. For example, brands like Skype and Krave cereal are using YouTuber talent to endorse their products.

Each YouTuber has their own niche whether it’s fashion, beauty, comedy or family and in recognising their power of influence, brands are actively seeking opportunities for product placement and collaborations as a key part of their digital communications strategy e.g. Mulberry with Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman.

Young YouTube personalities are shaping the future of social media in an ever changing landscape and we’re interested to see how they will adapt to remain successful in their space.

Here’s our power list of the YouTubers we consider to be the key players in the industry:

1Zoella5.8m subscribers
Zoe Sugg is possibly the most recognized female Vlogger in the UK. Zoella has been blogging about her love for fashion and beauty since 2009. The internet sensation has recently announced the launch of her book ‘Girl Online’ due to launch this November. This summer, Jonathan Ford of the FT wrote a very inspiring feature about his lunch with Zoella.

2Tyler Oakley - 5.4m subscribers
LGBT advocate, best friend of Zoella and the only US based Vlogger on our list. Tyler vlogs about pop culture, ‘sassiness, beauty and fabulousness’.

3. Pointless Blog – 3m subscribers
Zoella’s boyfriend, Alfie Deyes posts humorous pranks and YouTube challenge videos. Alfie is an entrepreneur and recently published his own book ‘The Pointless Book’.

4. Caspar - 3m subscribers
The English-born, South African teen, Caspar Lee, vlogs about his life observations and has a passion for acting.

5. Marcus Butler TV – 2.95m subscribers
The hugely popular Marcus Butler vlogs humorous sketches and ‘YouTube tag’ videos and is dating YouTuber Niomi Smart.

6. Thatcher Joe - 2.8m subscribers
The younger brother of Zoella. Joe is a roof thatcher and a newcomer to the scene, building his channel through creative and comedy videos.

7. Troye Sivan - 2.7m subscribers
The Australian actor, YouTuber and singer-songwriter has just signed a record deal with Universal music and has appeared in films such as the X-Men.

8. Tanya Burr - 2.4m subscribers
A beauty expert who has built her reputation through beauty tutorial videos, appearing regularly in the beauty media and working with fashion brands such as Topshop and Mulberry.

9. Jim Chapman - 1.7m subscribers
Tanya Burr’s fiance, Jim Chapman, is one of the more sophisticated male Vloggers on our list, vlogging about life and love. The brother of Pixiwoo and twin brother to The Lean Machine’s John Chapman.

10. Sprinkle of Glitter - 1.6m subscribers
Mummy Vlogger, Louise Pentland vlogs about lifestyle, family, DIY, beauty, fashion and offers advice to her fans. Louise is also best friends with Zoella.

Other YouTubers to check out: The Lean Machines, The Saccone Jolys, Pixi Woo, Fun for Louis, Niomi Smart and Oli White.

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