June 14, 2016Published by: Fereshta Amir

Highlights from Apple’s WWDC: Siri, Apple Music & Watch revamp

The Worldwide Developers Conference kicked off yesterday in San Francisco, where Apple's CEO Tim Cook walked (and talked) the crowd through his keynote. He described, platform by platform, how each has been overhauled, announcing the new iOS 10 as well as changes to Music, News and HomeKit.

But here's what really caught our attention:

Siri is about to get a whole lot cooler
Soon Siri will be able to book Ubers, send WeChat messages, and bring up sports videos for users to watch. It will also come to desktop and laptop computers for the first time ever. It will answer questions on Macs and can be used for messaging as well as search and music control. With the rise of virtual assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home it's no surprise that the tech giant wants to give this area more TLC, with critics saying it might be too little too late for Apple to play catch up in the Artificial Intelligence space.

The revival of Apple Music
Apple announced a “redesign from the ground up” for Apple Music, its streaming service. The update cleans up the look of the already minimalist interface and will also add lyrics to playing songs for the app’s still impressive 15 million subscribers.

iMessage will have predictive emojis
Messages will also open to third-party developers and has been refreshed with three times bigger emojis and predictive emojis(!) Visual effects for text and pictures plus inline rich linking were also introduced.

The WatchOS 3 is here with 7x faster apps
The newly announced WatchOS 3 will load apps into memory before they are launched, which, according to Apple, will make apps seven times faster to launch. This is a direct response to criticism of Apple Watch apps being too slow. Also a cool little trick - you'll be able to unlock your Macbook just by having your watch close to it. We like that, we like that.

Read about this in more depth here and here.

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