December 11, 2013Published by: Drew Benvie

Twitter goes all Snapchat and launches private image sharing


Veteran users of Twitter will appreciate the newest update from the publicly-listed social networking company, which focuses in improving it's DM or direct messaging function. Twitter's DM service has been showing signs of being on its way out for a long time. DMs were one of Twitter's original main functions, but have been relegated to second or third tier for a long time now, with little innovation or TLC from Twitter, it's fair to say.

That has now changed, with Twitter last night launching a new app for iOS and Android which boasts photo-sharing in DMs, a move no doubt triggered by the surge in popularity of private photo-sharing apps such as Snapchat. Social messaging is the hot ticket right now, and Twitter's userbase will surely appreciate this new lick of paint.

DMs are certainly a core service to the average user, but hugely popular also with high-profile accounts, such as brands and celebrities. The opportunity for brands to evolve how they use DMs in customer service I think is pretty huge, as photo sharing on a private exchange can only make communications faster and more meaningful, not to mention more creative.

One could then of course speculate over the possible future of the DM service on Twitter as a stand-alone app, similar to how Facebook offers its private messaging service to its users. I for one would welcome such a move.

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