August 15, 2014Published by: Fereshta Amir

Twitter launches data visualisation tool #EverydayMoments

EverydayMomentsTwitter has recently launched a new data visualisation tool called Everyday Moments. The tool can be used to look at what people in the UK are tweeting about based on topic, region and time of day. The beta version of the tool is now live and demonstrates the ways in which people share updates and interact around everyday moments on Twitter over the course of a week.

You can dig up the whereabouts, length and breadth of a conversation on Twitter to demonstrate, for example, how popular an event has been. While this tool could be used for basic research purposes by marketers, it's also great for finding opportunities that the conversations present for a brand. The tool currently allows users to choose from a variety of 80 different topics to filter searches and more will be added soon, eventually creating a database that will allow users to refine their searches to specifically meet their marketing needs.

At this beta stage, it will still be important to wait until more data can be collected before the Everyday Moments tool can be used for effective market research. While we wait for that to happen, have a play here to find out the ‘everyday moments’ of a typical Twitter week.

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