January 4, 2016Published by: Samantha Sy

Twitter reaches for the sky with Twitter Moments

Twitter experimented with a variety of changes in 2015: from adding “While you were away” recaps to swapping favourite stars to like hearts. These changes received mixed responses from the public as some loved the hearts whereas others thought they were too personal. Likewise, some loved the recaps while others deemed them messy. However, the overall consensus at Battenhall Towers is that we absolutely *heart* Twitter’s newest feature: Twitter Moments.

Quite fittingly, Twitter launched its ‘Moments’ with the UK astronaut Tim Peake’s launch into space, and with the opening of Star Wars: Force Awakens. This new feature brings together live news events and trending topics onto the social network which can be accessed through the lightning bolt tab besides ‘Home’ and ‘Notifications’.

Moments works similarly to Snapchat’s Discover feature as both platforms are more than connecting and following people. Twitter has opened up a channel that reaches a wider audience, more so than the beloved #hashtags, as the right person’s Tweets will be more accessible. The Independent suggests that with Moments Twitter has "placed itself in more direct competition with the BBC and other broadcast news media”.

2016 will spark new changes; we are excited to see how Twitter Moments develops, how the already fast-paced news cycle will adapt and how Snapchat will evolve from their already changing Discovery feature and Story Explorer.  

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