May 22, 2014Published by: Drew Benvie

Twitter takes over The European Elections 2014


Labour? Conservative? UKIP? Green Party? Those are just some of the parties the electorate can choose to vote for in the European Parliament elections happening today. As we live in the social media economy, people have taken to twitter to express what they make of the whole election and some haven't held back. One BBC journalist was maybe a little too vocal on Twitter about her opinions on a particular party, resulting in the BBC removing her from covering the electionsAfter all, a journalist covering any election should be impartial.

Others decided to monitor the build-up to the election. Pew Research Center conducted analysis into the Twitter conversation surrounding the European Elections and garnered some interesting insights. By analysing more than 1.2 million tweets in English, French and German, it discovered that 31% of opinions about the EU in English were positive compared to 39% negative and 30% neutral opinions.

At Battenhall HQ, we've conducted our own analysis of the Twitter chatter on the European Elections by analysing trending hashtags around the event. The two most popular hashtags are:

#useyourvote (official): 5,662 mentions

#whyimvotingukip (unofficial): 233, 536

Screenshot 2014-05-22 14.23.40

It's interesting to note that the unofficial hashtag has overtaken the official hashtag in the number of mentions. Also, it's rather amusing that #whyimvotingukip has been hijacked with ironic tweets from Twitter users stating why they would "vote" UKIP by poking fun at the party's policies.

UKIP has just learnt a Twitter lesson - political parties are never safe from Twitter's humour.

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