March 2, 2017Published by: Drew Benvie

Twitter turns on word mute, troll-blocking and egg-dodging

Twitter has announced that the social network is this week introducing a slew of new features aimed at cleaning up the Twitter feed. Coming this week, you will be able to filter out key words, people, and types of account on Twitter, all aimed at tidying things up for the view of those you follow when browsing on Twitter.

The main purpose of this move, as stated by Twitter, is to make the social network safer. So, for example, you can mute trollish language, trolls themselves, or you can for example switch on the setting that mutes the kinds of Twitter users most likely to be trolls - for example those with the default 'egg' avatar or no verified contact details. A no brainer for those with large audiences on Twitter.

Then for brands and regular users not so concerned about trolling, this update is still an important one. For example, since Twitter has matured, since following numbers have grown, and since Twitter turned on its content algorithm, off topic content increasingly pops up in a user's feed. So simply quietening down things that aren't so important, a bit like muting a WhatsApp group when you're busy, is a practically useful function.

Watch out for these new features to be rolled out later this week.

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