April 10, 2014Published by: Fereshta Amir

Twitter wants to be Facebook, Facebook wants to be Twitter


Earlier this week Twitter announced that it's officially rolling out a brand new user profile design in a bid to allow users to show who they really are. The new profile set up is currently only available to a small group of users, but in the coming weeks everyone will start noticing that their Twitter profile suddenly looks an awful lot like their Facebook profile.

Twitter is constantly tweaking its service with new features and visual touch-ups as it tries to overcome the pain of appealing to a wider audience. This latest redesign aims to achieve the goal of appealing to more users with a Facebook-esque style, which includes profile pictures and pinning tweets to the top of your profile in the same way as Facebook moments.

Meanwhile, Facebook is planning to roll out new privacy settings (once again!) to help users understand how content is shared - and how their sharing behaviour affect you. This in turn, sounds very much like what you see when you press the connect button on Twitter. As Twitter seems to want to be more like Facebook and vice versa, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out and what the mass response will be to these changes.

If you want to know more about the new Twitter changes,read this article by Paul Sawers on The Next Web.

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