February 6, 2014Published by: Drew Benvie

Twitter’s new numbers crunched: the company’s first public results announcement

Twitter quarterly results

Twitter posted its first quarterly financial results last night. The social network is growing at a large rate, although not as large as past figures suggest. Its revenue is also up, but it is making a huge loss and as a result its share price has plummeted. Here is a snapshot of the numbers in summary, courtesy of Fast FT.

Alongside its $511.5m loss for the fourth quarter, Twitter said:

  • Its active monthly active users jumped 30 per cent to 241m.
  • Mobile users also surged, growing by 37 per cent to 184m and accounting for 76 per cent of total Twitters users.
  • So-called "timeline views", or those in which a user scrolls down tweets from those they follow, rose 26 per cent year on year to 148bn.
  • Advertising revenue per thousand timeline views hit $1.49, up 76 per cent.

Twitter has actually beaten expectations with these results. An in-depth analysis of why the market reacted to Twitter's financials the way it did is available here.

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