March 20, 2018Published by: Steph Bennett

How to use Shoppable Instagram for your brand or business

It's the news from Instagram that brands and influencers have been waiting for - Shoppable posts are coming to the UK imminently!

Currently, the only way that any traffic could be sent to a website has been through the a link in the bio, a swipe up feature on Instagram Stories (which hasn’t been available to all brands), and ‘shop now’ ads. Now, you’ll be able to add a shoppable tag, just as you would tag a brand or Instagram users, but you can add a link and a price. So when the news broke this morning that brands will be able to buy and sell products directly from posts in the mean feed we knew that this would be a real gamechanger.

Early adopters in the US, including the fashion brand, Kate Spade, have been successfully selling via tags on Instagram posts now since November 2017, so this isn’t brand new news. For social media managers and marketers in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, however, it’s time for us to step up our social selling act quickly.

What does this mean for brands?

Being able to shop through Instagram means a complete step change in strategy for many brands. It’s going to need a lot of planning both internally and externally to make sure it’s activated successfully and delivers the results we all hope for. Here are a few top tips to get you started.

Getting ready for Shoppable Instagram

Set the strategy: When and how you’ll use shoppable tags will really help set the scene with fans. We need to think about how this shifts our social content strategy vs. our e-commerce strategy.

What to consider: Firstly, stock is going to be key. Making sure your e-commerce team are prepared for sales will be critical to the success of your shoppable posts. Secondly, not all markets will have this feature so if you have an international audience, what impact will this have.

Educating fans: We need to make sure fans know that they can buy from our posts and how it works. Curiosity will have a huge role here but there is no harm in letting fans know that it’s possible.

Internal communications: Keep your team updated on what shoppable posts are, how they work and put a process in place to manage requests from different departments who are just as excited as us to get started 🙂

What’s not to like?

The shift from social to sales opens up the risk of forgetting what made social media what it is today. Let’s not forget that great content, a sense of community and open conversation are at the heart of Instagram and always should be. This new feature will be a bit of ‘a cherry on the top’ style feature for many and that’s the way it should stay. A welcome addition not a distraction from what Instagram was made to do: Share great photography and video content, connect with people who have shared interests and inspire us all.

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