January 20, 2014Published by: Fereshta Amir

Want the fastest mobile Internet? Move to South Korea


Living in the always-on world of mobile Internet in which the first question holiday-goers ask for is the hotel's Wifi password, we don't just want good mobile Internet, we want the fastest.

So far, LTE offers us around 75 Mbps and LTE-Advanced boosts it up to 150 Mbps (which is pretty fast already!). The Next Web reported today that South Korea is planning to launch 300 Mbps mobile internet this year with 3-band LTE-Advanced.

This means users will be able to enjoy incredible speed on the go - like no other: an 800MB movie will download in 22 seconds, compared to 43 seconds using regular LTE-Advanced, 85 seconds using standard LTSE and 7 minutes and 24 seconds over 3G. This new ultra-speedy technology will be showed off at the 3GSM event in Barcelona next month, so anyone attending - keep your eyes peeled for the SK stand to experience the fastest mobile Internet to date!

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