March 8, 2016Published by: Dom Whitehurst

Battenhall launches 3rd birthday Snapchat geofilter

Today, to mark our third birthday, we’ve launched our own branded Battenhall geofilter on Snapchat. Our birthday filter is available to all Snapchat users in the Old Street area of Shoreditch area today and later the week. It’s mainly for our teamies to share the love - Snapchat is the #1 go to app in Battenhall HQ - but also for our visiting clients, friends, and to the local coffee shops where we spend approximately 33% of our salaries.

Geofilters are colourful, location-based overlays for video and photo content shared on Snapchat. Branded geofilters were previously only accessible to big spenders, having been launched to date by campaigns from brands such as Pepsi and KFC. That was, at least, until Snapchat opened up its platform in February of this year.

Examples of the branded filters that were previously only available to big organisations.

Examples of the branded filters that were previously only available to big organisations.

Now, anyone can create and schedule their own geofilters on the platform to promote everything from a new bar opening to a birthday or anniversary. We’ve taken advantage of this new functionality to trial the overlay and get a handle on the kinds of metrics to be expected from a geofilter campaign.

To access our filter, go and grab a coffee in any of the great venues near 50 Featherstone Street (Ozone and Lantana come highly recommended) or have a wander around Old Street station and make sure that your GPS is turned on. Once you’re in Snapchat, take a photo and then swipe right to access the filters. Keep going until you find our Battenhall logo and then share it with your nearest and dearest - and us of course.

So, now that Snapchat is making its platform more accessible to brands of all sizes, what does this mean for marketers? Well, it’s a fairly open secret that Snapchat is scaling up its sales team in the UK. Now that it has viewing metrics that are rivalling Facebook’s, it seems likely the platform is likely to make a big push for ad revenue in 2016. We’re really excited about the opportunities this presents and we’ll be watching Snapchat closely over the next few months.

Oh, and what does our our filter look like? We've produced some examples for you below.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 14.48.56

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