January 6, 2014Published by: Drew Benvie

Welcome to a world of digital eyeballs, welcome to CES 2014

Courtesy of Fox News

Today marks the annual return of the world's biggest consumer gadget trade show, CES, which takes place in Las Vegas. The place where all of the major digital and tech brands go to unveil their future innovations, recent years have shown that a broader and broader set of brands are going to CES to showcase their shiny new inventions. This year our interest has already been piqued by a certain car company and some eyewear manufacturers...

It has been reported in the UK media that wearable tech is going to be one of the big three trends at CES, and Google Glass and other glass-type innovations are catching our attention. In particular:

We're big fans of wearable tech, augmented reality and tech trends, so we'll be tracking further developments this week closely (as well as queuing for these contact lenses of course, so we can monitor the interwebs more closely).

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