May 6, 2020Published by: Hatty French

What is it like to start a new job during a global pandemic?

Starting a new job can be daunting at the best of times, so imagine my anxiety at joining a new company during a global pandemic!

Thankfully, I had no need to worry. My first week was packed with meetings and 1-1 sessions with the whole team, allaying any fears I had about getting to know my new colleagues via Google Hangouts and Zoom. 

Fortunately, the Battenhall team has been preparing, albeit unknowingly, for this new normal since its inception. The company has been practising flexible and remote working since it started in 2013, making the transition surprisingly smooth.

Four weeks in and having got to grips with my role, I’ve pulled together some of my top tips for anyone who finds themselves in a similar position:

  1. Be organised. Bookmark everything that gets sent your way in a logical format. This will save you invaluable time in the weeks to come and create efficiencies when you’re busier later on.
  2. Ask lots of questions. Don’t be scared to ask for help or advice. When you’re not physically in an office it can be harder to ask for guidance, but getting involved is nothing to shy away from and will stand you in good stead for when you meet your team in the future. Video calls and screen-share will become your new best friends!
  3. Get involved. Not being in the office can mean it's harder to engage with teams and upcoming work, but try to put yourself out there and seize any opportunities that you’d love to help out on. There’s been no shortage of ways to connect with team members across the business – from lunch-and-learn meetings to the morning “virtual coffee,” and even themed Friday drinks.

Thank you, Battenhall, for making my virtual onboarding as smooth as possible. My next challenge will be to adapt my new working style to when I finally head into the office! I did get to visit once before I joined, but I’m yet to experience all the great things I’ve heard about Exmouth Market, and the cakes and treats made by the team.

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