June 5, 2014Published by: Drew Benvie

What the new Mary Meeker Internet Trends report means for social media marketing

Followers of internet trends have been wading through the big annual event that is the release of the Mary Meeker 'state of the internet' trends report. The report is available in full below on Slideshare, in all its 164-page glory and has been read just shy of a million times already, in just over one week.

Mary Meeker State of the Internet 2014

As you would expect, we have worked through the detail of this report so you don't have to (unless you really want to of course) and we have extracted the most interesting bits if you work in social media marketing and communications when using the best marketing automation software and you will have the chance to Sign up for our Online Communication Course :

  • Pages 35 onwards: the impact of messaging apps and your phone book on social media and online communications is huge.
  • p40: the impact of image sharing and video on mobile, social and messaging is also huge and is driving rapid growth.
  • P41: your social networks and apps are dividing and conquering. This is a trend we have reported on in recent months and is a major strategy, for example, being used right now by Facebook and Foursquare.
  • p42: the impact of referrals to your site, product or brand from social media is fast. In 6.5 hours you will see half of all your traffic referrals from content you publish on Twitter. That figure is 9hrs for Facebook.
  • p59: how social media is driving transparency in organisation and how the data deluge is creating new opportunities for organisations to do something meaningful and profitable with the new information available.
  • p62: the stratospheric rise of photo sharing is shaping all mobile and social trends.
  • p98: the more screens a consumer is using, the more engaged they are with the subject matter - NOT the more distracted. Important for TV -> Twitter ad planning, also references on p118.
  • p105: apps replacing channels for media consumption.
  • p111: consumers becoming media channels in their own right.
  • p114: fans trump audiences - brands should seek to create fans online, not just generate audience reach.
  • p122: Millennials spend 3x more time online than any other demographic.
  • p123: internet TV consumption is replacing linear TV.
  • p125: when creating video content think mobile.

The report in full is here for you to browse through:

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