December 4, 2013Published by: Drew Benvie

WhatsApp overtakes Facebook for mobile messaging

Fb and whatsapp

As you may have seen if you subscribe to the Battenhall Monthly, we're all over social messaging trends in 2014 right now. Ovum's report on this space from last week shows how social messaging apps are the hottest thing right now and are going to explode next year. It's worth taking a look at their stats.

Well WhatsApp has just done what many expected and has just overtaken Facebook to be the biggest social messaging app on mobile globally. Here are the stats, from a good write-up of this news over on The Drum:

On Device’s five-country research revealed that in the US Facebook still dominates, but WhatsApp is the combined leader with 44 per cent of global respondents who use social messaging saying they do so on WhatsApp compared to 35 per cent on Facebook Messenger. WeChat was the third most popular (28 per cent) followed by Twitter (19 per cent), BlackBerry Messenger (17 per cent) and Skype (16 per cent).

Daily usage of social messaging on mobile devices also shows that chat apps are the dominant way of staying in touch. 86 per cent of respondents say they use chat apps on their mobiles, compared to 73 per cent using their devices for voice calls, 75 per cent using SMS and 60 per cent using email.

If you are not yet looking at how to get the most out of social media for comms and customer service and you still rely heavily on Facebook, WhatsApp is the place you might want to go to for planning ahead in 2014.

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