January 29, 2015Published by: Drew Benvie

Why Facebook’s new user numbers signal a turning point for the social media age

Facebook stats Jan 2015

Facebook is now 10 years old, and last night published a set of new user numbers that show there is growth at numerous levels in the original social network. In brief, the numbers are:

  • Facebook monthly active users: 1.39 billion (up 40 million in the last three months)
  • Instagram: 300 million
  • WhatsApp: 700 million
  • Facebook Messenger: 500 million
  • Facebook Groups: 700 million
  • Daily stats include 30 billion messages, 2 billion photos shared and 3 billion videos viewed

Now part of the Facebook fold, WhatsApp and Instagram are without doubt Facebook's crown jewels. What is clear also though is how the user base of Facebook is going full circle. Technology and digital early adopters such as Robert Scoble for example are now using Facebook as their main social media platform (remember Scoble was one of the first company bloggers and users of Google Glass...).

What will be very interesting to see is how the Instagram and WhatsApp communities begin to intertwine, if not their brands, then at least their social graphs, brand advertising opportunities and how they begin to be used for customer communications which is also starting to happen.

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