August 6, 2018Published by: Aaron Griffiths

Why flexible working is the business

Flexible working seems to be the buzz phrase in business this year. We’ve seen many companies, like ours, introduce flexible working processes in recent months, with some even trialling a four-day working week. And there seems to be a new research paper, survey, and article virtually every week boasting about its merits.

But a fundamental change in how employers and employees go about their business, does throw up a few interesting questions – especially when clients expect an uninterrupted service during ‘traditional’ working hours. Is it good for business? Do the clients benefit? Does it boost morale or lead to extra stresses and time issues for the team?

At Battenhall we’ve been implementing 20% time for five years. This means we work a five-day week, but apply that 20% to the overall week so that every employee can take time for research and development. It fosters innovation, keeps us productive, and through our additional work, helps keep our clients happy too.

One way we’ve recently been using our 20% time was by helping Belu Water to understand their social media that bit better. Belu is an ethical bottled mineral water and water filter company, whose entire profits go to WaterAid, and it was a pleasure to help them in such a noble cause.

We started by meeting their team to understand what they needed and where we could help. Taking time to learn about the brand was key and we delivered three brief pieces of work using our 20% time, after this, we were able to use many strategies from to better the business. 

Claire Pearson, head of marketing at Belu Water, had this to say about us:

"Thanks to the amazing support of Battenhall, we have been able to better understand our audience, improve our content, and now have great recommendations for our future social media strategy. Since starting to introduce those we've grown engagement across our channels and have a clear direction for our future social media strategy."

The fifth element

With 20% time, employees have fantastic opportunities to learn new skills, grow professionally, and it can be as flexible as they want it to be. A team member could work by themselves, or in a team on a project, contributing to something that they have specialist knowledge in, or getting stuck in across all of it.

In the case of Belu we created a small team and shared our skills, so that we helped each other to learn something new, which we can put to use again in the future.

We’ve found that putting a little bit of time aside each week is invaluable – for yourself, for the team, and, if it can make a difference for a client, all the better.

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