May 31, 2017Published by: Drew Benvie

Why less is more

There is a basic rule of communication, one which many of the best story tellers over the years have followed. Less is more.

You don't use 20 words, when five will do. Or four tweets before 7am, when actions speak louder.

Well one of the modern day statesmen guilty of committing the most heinous crimes of verbosity is surely the man who's tweeting before he's had his Covfefe... @RealDonaldTrump.

The now infamous Covfefe tweet was posted just after at midnight last night Trump Time, and only deleted at 5:50am this morning, shortly before the president normally starts tweeting his daily statements. Some suggest that what happened was he was simply tired when tweeting, slept, woke up, saw the howler and deleted it. And that his social media minders couldna / wouldna wake him up to fix it.

But the Twitterati had better ideas as to what was really going on in Covfefe land.

Some data for you on the presidential Twitter habits. Donald Trump regularly personally posts on Twitter on average six times a day, most of these tweets going out before 7am US East Coast Time when he is there. This early flurry has come to be known as Trump Time, when industry figures feverently check their Twitter feeds for fear that the president's gaze is pointing in their direction.

But the statements lose their punch when interspersed with covfefe.

So perhaps a lesson for all spokespeople on Twitter would be greater attention on fewer tweets, and never tweet before you've had your coffee.

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